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Happiness Quotes Images

Happiness Quotes Images: Yes you have to be happy. When you are not you have to find happiness in small things. If small things make you happy, do that again and again. The ultimate purpose is to be happy. You got a job, you are happy; you found love, you are happy; your dream came true, you are happy; you overcame your fear, you are happy; you bought your dream car, you are happy. Happiness is not need, it is a living. 

Below we have created some beautiful Happiness Quotes Images for you to cherish life and enjoy happiness. 


1. “The purpose is not to be rich. The purpose is to be happy.”





2. “Go after freedom to win Happiness. Go after courage to win Freedom.”





3. “Lose. Learn. Win. Laugh. Don’t give the rope of happiness to your time. You hold the rope. You can be happy even if you are losing.”



4. “You will appreciate your happiness when you appreciate the things you have.”





5. “You haven’t noticed but you are safe when you are happy.”



6. “It is the best feeling when you know that you are the reason behind a person’s happiness.”





7. “Your action plays an important role for your Happiness.”





8. “Never think too much about what you don’t have. Your happiness depends on what you have.”





9. “I am responsible for my Happiness. You are responsible for your Happiness. Let’s not take each other’s duty.”



10. “You create your happiness when you attach yourself to the things or people but inadvertently you also create the feeling of pain and sadness with it.”



11. “You don’t have to wait for the things to be Happy. You can be happy, right now, right now in this moment.”



12. “Real Happiness is felt when you overcome your fear.”





13. “Every time you are angry you lose precious time to be happy.”





14. “You will be happy in the long run when you share happiness with the people you meet on the journey.”



15. “When I was hurt I was searching for Happiness. When I was happy, I was happy.”



16. “I was sad, I was happy. And I choose to be happy everytime.”



17. “One has to be true to themselves to be happy.”





18. “You shouldn’t wait for tomorrow for Happiness. You have today.”



19. “I choose to be happy right now; rather than waiting for the money.”



20. “When you put efforts to make others happy. Your happiness depends on them.”





21. “Love can be part of your happiness, but not the whole part. You are the whole part.”


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22. “I like the feeling of Happiness. I forget all the worries and enjoy the moment.”



23. “Your happiness depends on your thoughts.”





24. “If you can’t make yourself happy in this moment you may struggle in the long run to find it.”





25. “A man wishes to be happy in ways where he is making happiness impossible .”