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Life Quotes Images

Life Quotes Images: Life is beautiful. Yes, you are meant to wake up and work hard, to reach your dream or dream life. But working hard everyday doesn’t promise Success. Sometimes you may feel discouraged, low, loser; then my friend you need to take a break. Go out, have fun, love, laugh, relax, do what makes you happy; and when you are back in the mood, then start again. You shouldn’t let go off of your dream for temporary happiness, you are more than you think. 

Below we have created some beautiful Life Quotes Images to inspire and motivate you or you can share it with your loved ones. 


1. “The secret to a happy life; dedicate yourself to a goal, not to people or things.”





2. “You may be struggling to find a purpose. But the ultimate purpose of life is to be happy.”



3. “Don’t waste your life doing nothing. At least go out and have fun.”



4. “You might get another opportunity but if you miss this one, you will miss another one.”





5. “First step to Successful life is to believe in oneself that I will be Successful.”



6. “Life is big but time is limited. Make sure you are listening to your heart, not other’s decisions.”



7. “Be brave, not stupid. Kill fear, not dreams.”





8. “Faith is the weapon, confidence is the armor. Fight everyday for dreams, win with the honour.”





9.”Life is miserable. You can either repeat that or change that.”





10. “Get motivation from babies. They never complain; they do, they fail, they get up and try again.”



11. “Life is not a track where you have to win. It is a road to enjoy your journey.”





12. “If you are good, be better. If you are better, be best. Don’t be mediocre, improve yourself everyday. Life is short don’t make it shorter by being the same.”



13. “You are wasting your life, living with fear.”



14. “People are complicated, not Life.”





15. “You will see a rainbow but wait for the storm to finish.”



16. “Share your happiness but not your secrets.”



17. “Don’t waste your life thinking about others. Or else life will be short to work on yourself.”



18. “Wishing will make you worthless. The greatest joy is to begin.”





19. “Fly high to see how small is your dream. But still, you don’t start.”



20. “Be the person you want in your life.”


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21. “The harder you try the more opportunities you get.”





22. “Love yourself. Do it for yourself. Live for yourself.”



23. “You think of failure, you attract failure. You think of Success, you attract Success.”



24. “The more I’m grateful, the more I’m happy.”





25. “It is my responsibility to make my life better, not others. I ruined it; I’ll make it better. I failed, I’ll try again and win. I shouldn’t blame life, my actions create my life.”