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Love Quotes About Love

Love Quotes About Love: Love is a beautiful part of life. As friends, family; love is also a need to make our life complete. Being in love is a beautiful feeling. It is a beautiful feeling when you know that someone is there for you, who loves you, who loves you for who you are. Their day starts and ends by thinking about you, who are dying to be with you for every second of their life. I wish that every single living being on earth is blessed by this beautiful feeling of love.

Below we have created some beautiful Love Quotes about Love for you to enjoy and also share with your loved ones. 


1. “Love is a friendship that has more trust, understanding, and caring.”





2. “It’s Love when you are not part of their happiness but you are still happy.”





3. “It is not normal when you think about a person 24×7, it is Love.”



4. “I find different ways to express, but I’m always stuck with ‘I Love You”.



5. “I Love You because you are special and you make me feel special.”





6. “When I’m with you I want a tight hug; that gives me a sense of satisfaction I’m being Loved.”





7. “Love is not about being perfect. It is about making it perfect being together.”





8. “I see the shine in your eyes every time we meet.”



9. “Before you, love was an important part of my life; now you are.”



10. “I Love You even more when you make me feel special.”



11. “The more you Love, the more you feel pain.”





12. “It’s beautiful when I think of you and find myself smiling like an idiot.”





13. “I don’t want you to be part of me, I want you to be in me.”



14. “Yes, you are in Love, when you smile while saying you don’t love her.”



15. “I don’t want to die for you, I want to live with you.”





16. “Man’s Love is a part of his life. Woman’s Love is the whole part of her life.”



17. “When you find peace in a relationship; it is not Love.”



18. “My heart was mine until I met you.”



19. “Love is when two bodies understand each other instead of judging.”





20. “Thought of meeting you motivates me and helps jump start my day and look perfect everyday.”


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21. “You found me when I was lost; that reason made me love you more.”





22. “When I see you, my Smile will tell how much I love you.”





23. “With you, I am better everyday.”



24. “I am what I am, you are what you are. I guess that made us love each other more.”



25. “When our eyes met for the first time, your smile told me that it can happen.”