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Sad Quotes Images

Sad Quotes Images: People are not hurt or sad by choice; circumstances make their life worse. The circumstances are created by their own action and will also be destroyed by one’s action. If you are the reason for your tough times then you hold the responsibility to get out of it. No one is gonna help, you are your own hero. 

Below we have created some beautiful Sad Quotes Images for you to enjoy your loneliness or share with who feels lonely. For a change, you can also read Inspirational and Motivational Quotes to help and cheer yourself. 


1. “It’s hard and sad to not be able to love anyone.”





2. “You understand the lyrics of a song when you are sad.”



3. “The people who smile very often are the saddest one.”





4. “Yesterday is ruining your today. Don’t let past pain make your today sad.”



5. “Worry not, time passes.”



6. “People are gonna hurt you; it depends on you who is worth the pain.”





7. “By not letting out pain; you are not killing it, just getting rid of it temporarily.”





8. “Sometimes you change for people, sometimes people make you change.”



9. “Crying for someone is not a weakness. It’s a sign of pure Love.”





10. “Sometimes, who are alive are dead, sometimes who are dead are alive. It just depends on how long they have been in our thoughts.”



11. “We think holding onto someone makes us strong, but sometimes letting go makes us strong.”



12. “Time is our best hope in sadness.”





13. “Life is miserable. But how long to suffer depends on you.”





14. “You should better leave and laugh rather than keep and worry.”





15. “Pretend to be strong, even if you are not.”



16. “The sad truth is people will appreciate your success, but won’t care about your struggle.”



17. “Why are you sad, if you can read this.”



18. “I don’t understand tears. I get it when I’m happy, I get it when I’m sad.”





19. “Too much Love can cause pain.”





20. “You can understand their pain but can’t live it.”


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21. “When you really need someone, you are your own friend.”





22. “When you knew you were wrong but they still forgive you; don’t leave them.”



23. “We fight hard in imagination, not in reality.”





24. “You don’t have to be slave of wishful thinking, it stops your action.”



25. “Talk to yourself, you are your true friend.”