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Responsive Design

More of today's users are coming to your website via mobile devices than ever before. Legnd-designed sites ensure that your site provides a great experience no matter the way it's viewed. We'll make sure that you connect with your desired market, whether they're around the corner or in a galaxy far, far, away.

Completely Custom

All businesses are unique, so we have a tailored approach with each and every project. Our team prioritizes getting to know our clients and their audience and use that information as the inspiration of our actions.

User Friendly

Websites can be an impactful manifestation of your brand and usually the first way a potential customer will experience it. We take a results-based approach focused on your user and brand. To gain a clearer picture of the challenges and opportunities we see for your business.

Design With Purpose

Our team is focused on creating great websites that exceed expectations. Legnd takes the time to truly understand your MO and build a user experience that blows your customers away! We are a comprehensive web design firm that continues to impress our clients.

If it’s a custom web design or web development in USA, that you’ve been looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Our seasoned digital engineers are intensively trained for today’s bleeding-edge web technologies. Website design and development projects must be planned out perfectly to ensure success. Our project managers and developers work closely every day and always keep our client’s interests on top of their priority list.


Strategy Planning

Our streamlined design protocol aids us in the construction of the most optimal digital experience possible for our customers. We take specific steps in order to craft websites that our Houston clients will love!

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Rotate Fancy Text Effect

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Stand Out with a Stunning, Exclusive Website

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Endless Customization Options