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Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband: A couples anniversary is the most special occasion of their life. They’ve have spent so much time together, they know everything about each other and that’s a beautiful part of marriage. The other person not only shares his/her life with you but also secrets, experience, talks which they shared with no one but with you only. 

Husbands are sometimes complicated, they don’t often share much and we don’t know what they like or dislike. Choosing a best anniversary gift might be sometime difficult for you but not impossible. You should definitely give him a beautiful present and make this occasion special for him and for you too.

Sometimes Husband’s don’t need expensive gifts just a sweet Anniversary Wish will melt his heart but I highly recommend you give him a gift no matter how cheap or expensive. We all love gifts and everyone deserves one from their loved ones. 

Below is our collection of Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband; find and pick the best one for your love. Share and love each other more.


Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

I, Thank God and thank you for being in my life. With you, I have spent the most beautiful days of my life. Happy Anniversary Hubby.

You always knew when I needed Love and support, you’ve always been with me no matter what situations. And I Love You so much for that. Thank you and Happy Wedding Anniversary.

You are my Husband, but more than that you are my friend, my talk buddy, my partner in crime, my “everything I can share” buddy and you are my everything. Happy Anniversary.

I’m the lucky one to be blessed with such a caring, loving, and responsible husband. Thank you for being in my life.

Wish you a very Happy Wedding Anniversary Husband. I wish your dreams come true and you achieve more and more everday.

You are my sweetheart, love of my life, my comedian. I Love You. Happy Anniversary.

Before you I was having a good life; with you, I’m happy and having a great life. You matter to me now. I Love You. Happy Anniversary Husband.

Dear Husband, with you my nights are adorable, my days are wonderful and my life is beautiful. I hope the love between us grows stronger as we grow old together. Happy Wedding Anniversary Husband.

On this special occasion, I want to tell you how much I love you and I have always imagined a husband like you. You are perfect for me. Happy Anniversary perfect partner.

I want our marriage to be perfect but more than that I want it to be an adventurous and memorable ride of my life. Happy Anniversary. 


Romantic Anniversary Wishes, Quotes & Messages for Husband

I want to spend this special day with you and only you. And I want to kiss you and sleep in your arms, the whole night. I Love You. Happy Anniversary my lovely husband. 

I feel so much blessed and happy when I’m with you. I feel like the whole world is with me. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

You always knew how to win my heart; from our first date to till date. You have always made me feel special and, I’m happy to be in your life and your wife. Happy Anniversary my love.

The day we met, I did not think you will become an important part of my life and now after marrying you, you are not part of my life but my whole life. I’m happy and lucky to be your wife. Happy Anniversary lovely Hubby.

I am happy and proud to say to the whole world that you are my Husband and I’m your Wife. I Love you love of my life.

I don’t know how people go through the whole day without talking to their partner. If I’m not talking to you 10 times a day my day will be incomplete. That’s how much I’m obsessed with you and Love you.

Thank you for holding me and understanding me. I promise to be with you every second of my life. Happy Anniversary. 

Our anniversary is more special to me than my birthday. We celebrate our Love, time spent together, each other, our journey, and most importantly we celebrate it together. That’s what makes it more special. Happy Anniversary my Love. 

Happy Anniversary to the most amazing, Handsome, and adorable man of my life. I’m happy to live and spend my life for many more coming years. 

I love the way when you hug me tight and never leave me alone. Sitting with you talking to you calms my mind and allows me to cherish the moment with you. Thank You.


Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Messages for Husband

I love how you make me happy when I’m sad, stable when I’m mad and dog when I’m cat. Happy Anniversary my Dog.

Yes, I know I struggle with my decisions sometimes but if you doubt that, then emphasize the decision I made by choosing you. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary and thank you for being with me in all my craziness. I know sometimes it must have been hard for you but if you are not in it with me then guess who’ll be hard on you! Me.

I wish my nonsense would never die and I keep annoying you till my last breath. Happy Anniversary.

Today I’m happy for the greatest decision you made on [marriage date] and I hope you’re happy too. 

I know sometimes what you see is not the real truth but you look happy every time you see me. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Three things matter to me at night; my sofa, TV, and the dinner made by you. Of course, you also but in the morning when I need breakfast. Happy Anniversary my cook.

With you, every moment of my life is amazing except for the time when we argue for which show to watch. 

I’m amazed, how you hug me tight when I’m angry and want to kill you. Wait! You do it so that my hands are stuck. Come home husband tonight we’ll have a great party.

Whenever you think I’m mad or acting weird just remember you were the one who married me. 


1st Wedding Anniversary 

It’s our 1st Anniversary and our love has grown stronger. I’m more than happy to stay with you for more coming years and enjoy my life with you. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Husband. 

I can’t believe it’s one year of our anniversary. With you, time passes so fast. I wish I can slow this time and have more moments with you. Happy Anniversary Hubby.

I’m so much in love with you and care about you; it will be impossible for me to live without you. Happy Anniversary my life.

So many years I’ve lived with my family, my friends but the last year was the best year of my life. And I have never felt so great about my life. Thank you, my man, for making my life beautiful.

I enjoyed one year of our marriage and thanked God every day for sending you in my life. You are my love, my life, my everything. Happy 1st Anniversary. 

We’ve just spent one year together. Most of the time has gone knowing each other, our interests, our pasts, dreams, friends; we almost know everything about each other but still more is left. Congratulations dear, Happy Anniversary.

I always prayed to God to have a man like you. Then I met you, fell in love with you, married you and now you are the best thing that happened in my life. I Love You husband.

With you everyday and every moment is special. And today on our 1st Wedding Anniversary we are going to celebrate all those special moments we shared together. Happy Anniversary.

I used to like you before our marriage now after one year I’m so much in love with you, can’t imagine a life without you. 

It’s been a year of our “live together” journey and I loved everything about you, your hugs, kisses, your comfort, your support; everything. My love for you has increased 3000 times.

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