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Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents: When a person is not married his/her birthdays are the most important occasion of their life. Once they are married Wedding Anniversary’s tops as the most important occasion; but for some, as the time passes craze of the Wedding Anniversary decreases. But it is your duty to keep the spark of making Anniversary special and memorable for your parents. You have to make it amazing; plan a party or do something to make your parents feel great about their Wedding Anniversary. Plan a perfectly beautiful day for your parents who have done so much for us and still do for us. You can check out the best Birthday Party Ideas to plan a Birthday party or do anything to make them smile and happy. 

But first, to start their beautiful day, scroll down; find and wish them Happy Wedding Anniversary and make your parent’s morning beautiful. 



Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

I’m lucky to have you as my parents. You have given me everything and made my life best. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

I wish joy, happiness, and lots of love to both of you and wish you a very Happy Wedding Anniversary.

May the love between you grow stronger year by year for many years to come and love each other more. Happy Anniversary.

I have always admired you both for the love and bond you share for each other. And I wish to share the same kind of love with my partner and live happily. Happy Anniversary Mom – Dad.

You both never stopped me for things I have to do, instead, you supported me in every decision. You are the best parents a kid can have. Happy Anniversary to the best parents in the world.

I always pray to God for your good health, so that I can spend most of my life with you guys. Happy Anniversary.

If I were to make a movie on a never-ending love story. I will cast you both because you proved that love is real and it never ends.

Without you guys, our Home feels like four concrete walls with nothing in it. And with you both, it is my whole world.

I am lucky to have you as my parents and my children will be happy to have you as Grandparents.  Happy Aniversary future Grandparents.

Whatever I am today is because of you both. I thank you for the love and support you have given me and making me a better person today. I am proud to say that I am your child. Happy Wedding Anniversary.


Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

I have reserved this day for both you to have fun and laugh together like you’ve been doing all these years. Happy Anniversary.

Your Anniversary is the happiest for me when I realize you are getting old and I am getting young; and it is the saddest when I know I am getting young and you are getting old. Happy Anniversary Mom-Dad.

I want you both in my Happiness, achievement, and Success. I want you to be with me Always.

Another year adds in your life to love each other more and create beautiful memories. Happy Anniversary.

You always wished for me to have a beautiful life and now I wish you both to have a beautiful life ahead.

Yes, I’m grateful and happy to have my parents by my side. And I want them to be with me for the rest of my life. 

You both are living example of how an imperfect marriage can be successful, fun, and easy to live if you put little understanding and trust in it. Happy Anniversary beautiful Couples.

Yes, when I’m scared my subconscious mind screams the word “Mom”. And when I need help “Dad” is the word my mind whispers. That’s how much I’m obsessed with you. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad and thank you both for being into me. 

It’s beautiful and magical how you guys know I’m sad and I need support to stand up again. You have always sensed my depression and worries. Thank you both for being with me.

On this amazing day, I wish you a Happy Wedding Anniversary and want to tell you I Love You so much Mom – Dad. 



Funny Anniversary Wishes

I have seen parents who are no more into having fun, who are always tired, and just want to sleep at night. I’m thankful to God, I don’t have that kind of parents. 

When my friends ask, how are your parents? I usually reply to them “they are living Happily ever after”.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. I thank you and respect you for all the efforts, pain, and fun you had in the process of producing me. 

With every passing year, you guys are acting weird, didn’t seem to care about people, and opening up more to the world. I’m confused, is it that you are trying to be young or its just the side effect of getting old. 

A wedding Anniversary is when the world wants to wish you a Happy Married Life and you are like “what is happy about this married life!”

I know sometimes what we see is not the real truth but you two look happy together. Happy Anniversary.

I don’t know how people happily celebrate their married life every year where one is controlled by the other. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

When you shout while talking. Are you both really fighting or is it normal? I’m confused. Anyway, Happy Anniversary.

Yes with the growing age you can try to look young but you can’t look as young as I am; for that, you have to be my child. Happy Anniversary.

I pray to God for your Blessings. I’m done with switching sides, I’m searching for a peaceful life. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

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25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Congratulations to both of you for completing the 25th years of married life. May God continue to bless you both with health, wealth, and many more years. Happy 25th married Life.

 I hope you both have the same feelings and love for each other as you used to have on the 1st Anniversary. Happy Married Life.

Trust, Loyalty, and Love are the major factors for long-lasting Happy Married Life. And you have balanced all three so well. Happy Marriage Anniversary.

Two Love Birds who celebrated the 1st Wedding Anniversary now have made it to the 25th. Congratulations to both of you for that.

It may be a long time for you both but I bet the ups and downs have made you stronger and more beautiful towards each other. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

It’s beautiful to see a couple who are celebrating 25 years of married life; still, care and support each other. Happy Anniversary.

I wish you a great abundance of happiness, success, and love for many more years to come. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

The relationship which has trust, loyalty, and understanding; it lasts long and is True Love. 

It takes time to love and understand someone; once you understand someone deeply they will be with you for the rest of the years. Happy 25th Anniversary.

Congratulation on the years you have completed and Best of Luck for the years ahead. Happy Married Life.



50th Wedding Anniversary Messages and Wishes for Parents

Happiness is the key to a long married life. And the Successful Marriage is counted by Happy moments, not by years. May this happiness be with you for many more years. Happy 50th Anniversary. 

I wish you all of the world’s happiness on this special occasion. And bless you both for a healthy and more happy life. Happy Anniversary.

Congratulations for all the secrets you discovered from each other. Now, you both have the reason to back each other for every mess. Happy many more years of Wedding Anniversary.

5 Decades of being together. That’s insane. I hope the journey was fun and funny. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary.

50 years of Love, 50 years of Trust, 50 years of understanding, 50 years of small arguments, 50 years of happiness, 50 years of journey which you started with a stranger. I hope everything was worth it. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary.

You have always been with me for the most part of your life and supported me at every step. Thank you, Mom & Dad; and I promise you I will always be with you and support you for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the life you have given me. You did the best to raise me as a great child and because of your teachings today I’m confident and Successful. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

It’s been a great journey with you Mom-Dad. The birthdays, trips, occasions, and every other thing we celebrated, enjoyed being together. And I look forward to spending more time with you guys and have fun for the many more years. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Once you are with someone who knows you better than anyone; then life is easy with them. Happy Married Life.

50 years is a long way you both have traveled. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Happy Anniversary.

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