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Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife: Life is beautiful and if you have an amazing partner it becomes easy and fun. A wedding Anniversary is the best way for a couple to celebrate happiness, journey, and togetherness. A wedding Anniversary is a perfect occasion for thanking your partner for understanding and supporting you. That’s all we need sometimes, a person who understands our thoughts and support and respect our decision. 

Wife is pretty easy sometimes in sharing things. You know everything about her. What they like, dislike, and a lot more things. Choosing an anniversary gift for your wife will be easy, as well as hard; as they like or want so many things; you’ll be confused, what to gift her. Whatever you choose, choose a gift that she can relate to or has an emotional attachment; no matter how cheap or expensive. That way her love for you will increase more.

It is important to give gifts, it shows love and affection toward another person. We all love to receive gifts and everyone deserves from their loved ones. But before everything, start her day with a beautiful Wedding Anniversary wish and make her morning beautiful. 

Below we have a bunch of collection of Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife; find and pick the best one for your love. Share and love each other more.


Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Having you in my life is the greatest and amazing gift God has given me. Happy Anniversary my love.

I just don’t want to be with you I want to live with you every moment of my life. I want us to see the world together and be with each other when we feel low and need support. Thank You for sharing my life. Happy Anniversary.

It was beautiful at first but now I’m addicted to it and can’t live without it. Yes, to you and your love. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

I was thinking about my life; was it good with you or without you? And I’m happy and blessed to say, my life is at best when I’m with you. You are my life now. Happy Anniversary my life partner.

Every time I look at you, I feel proud that you are mine. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.

Being with you is like being with a person I dreamed of every night to be with me for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary my Princess.

My life has become perfect, the day I married you. And my love for you has increased the day I slept with you. Happy Anniversary my Love life.

Thank you for having my back and staying by my side. Happy Anniversary.

It is just a day, that has given us a reason to celebrate our marriage but I celebrate every day of our “being together”. I’m grateful that you are my wife. I Love You so much.

I’m the lucky one to tell the world; I’ve got my best friend, my girlfriend, and my wife in you. You are my all in one, I don’t need anyone else. Happy Anniversary.


Romantic Anniversary Messages & Wishes for Wife

I still fall in love you with you whenever I see you in your favorite dress. Happy Anniversary Love.

The only things I want from you are Happiness, Support, and lots of Love. Happy Wedding Anniversary Wife.

You are not only my wife; you are my pride, my confidence, my life. I Love You and will love you till my last breath. Happy Anniversary.

People say as time passes love decreases; I doubt that. In my case, it is getting stronger every day, every second. I care for you so much, I Love You. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

You are my Sun in the darkest night. You are my Tree on the hottest day. You are my rainbow after the heavy storm. You are the happiness that gets me out of my tough days. I Love You. I feel so blessed having you in my life. Happy Anniversary my everything.

The feeling was great when I hold your hand the first time, hugged you the first time, kissed you the first time, and woke up with you the first time. And I still feel it like the first time. Happy Anniversary my first and last Love.

I thanked the universe when you came into my life and thanked God for letting you stay in my life. I Love you, Love.

I enjoy my married life and I’m proud of you. The way you motivate me to walk an extra mile and the way I convince you to make delicious dishes, it is lovely and fun. Happy Anniversary.

My love for you will never get old; we will get old together and I’ll be by your side forever. Happy Anniversary.

It is the best kind of relationship when you sacrifice your happiness to make someone happy. Another person’s happiness becomes your happiness. You are my that person. Happy Anniversary.


Funny Anniversary Wishes & Wishes

I was wondering if we were childhood friends and knew each other well, would we still have married each other? I doubt that. Happy Anniversary my friend.

Our argument is an argument as long as you are winning, and when I’m winning it becomes a fight. Happy Anniversary Wifey.

Happy Anniversary, dear. Congratulations to you for our married life. And wish me All the Best for many more coming years. 

I’m happy to say that you are in my life but I hate it when you ask me what to have for dinner when you have already decided. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Angry wife is like a cute dog, you want to take it in your arms but you are afraid of their barking. Happy Anniversary my cute wife.

Today is your day. Today your wishes became true, you got your dream boy, handsome husband and a supportive man. On the other hand, I’ve got a wife who wakes me in the middle of the night and asks me ‘should I wear this dress? for the occasion which is after 2 months’. Happy Anniversary Owl.

Every year we take care of each other even more because now our secrets belong to each other and to protect that we have to look after each other. Happy Anniversary my secret keeper.

My life was so miserable without you. I mean it is hard to clean the room, bathroom, cook your own food, and wash the utensils. Thank you for sticking out.

I think the best way to keep our marriage life happy is I should accept I’m wrong when I’m wrong and I’m wrong when I’m right to avoid another argument. Happy Anniversary.

I was so excited and happy to marry you on our wedding day like it was my dream coming true. Now, I ask myself, was this really my dream?


1st Anniversary Wishes for Wife

It is our 1st ever marriage anniversary. On this special day, I want to “Thank you” for making this one year beautiful. Love you. Happy 1st Anniversary.

Before you, I used to run from my responsibility. Now, when you are my responsibility; I love to take it and protect it my entire life. Happy Anniversary my love.

Dreams do come true. It came true when I met you, when you fell in love with me (I was already in love with you), when you married me and this one year of our togetherness. And I see us getting old together and loving each other more. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary my reality.

I was having a habit of cuddling a pillow at night. Now you are my pillow and I can kiss you too. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

I am the luckiest person on the earth for having such a beautiful wife in my life. You are not just beautiful; you are supportive, caring and also understand me very well. I love you and thank you for marrying me.

The past year was very fun and amazing. And I discovered, you are the best wife I can have and I’ll be the best husband you’ll be proud of. Happy Anniversary.

One year’s journey was very beautiful and adventurous; and I want to be with you on this ride for many more years to come. Happy Anniversary partner.

We were strangers one year ago and now I can’t live without you. I don’t understand how love becomes so deep that it becomes difficult to live without someone. Love you, love, be with me always. 

Every day I come home in the evening. I see you, I forget all my worries and I want to hug you tight and be in your arms whole night. Happy 1st Anniversary wifey girlfriend.

I always try to make you smile, because when you smile I smile. You are happy I’m happy. Happy Anniversary my life’s happiness.  

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